Proven Weight Loss Tips That Work: Cut the Sugar!


Disclaimer: You should seek the advice of your healthcare provider before starting any diet or lifestyle change.

How can I lose weight?… It is the most frequent question I am asked by clients. Those that have worked with me and lost the weight already know my secret to success. Avoid sugars, carbs, refined carbs, processed foods, dairy, junk food, etc. and add in protein, veggies, meats, and “clean” eating. I have seen weight loss from 2 pounds to double-digit numbers by just avoiding sugars alone. Once we break the “sugar cycle”, the cravings stop, making it easier to adhere to a low carb, low sugar diet.

You may want to know, why low carb? And I am not talking about Atkins or a “diet”, I am talking about a lifestyle change. The answer is insulin. When you eat sugar, a hormone called insulin is released. Insulin helps regulate that level of sugar in our blood; the more sugar in the blood stream, the more insulin is released. Insulin helps store all of this glucose in the liver and muscles as glycogen and in fat cells ( AKA triglycerides). Basically insulin helps store fat cells. When you decrease insulin spikes,  by decreasing sugar and carb intake…fat cells release, you lose weight!

When all of this insulin gets released the body will eventually have a sugar crash and we respond by wanting more sugar. This is why when you have that bagel in the morning you are still hungry at lunch. And why when you have that sandwich for lunch you get hungry before dinner. You end up eating additional calories because you are not filled up. Therefore, you gain weight or if you are exercising, you never lose it.

However, there is an easy cure for this. Stop eating sugar, reduce carbs, increase protein, and reduce portion sizes. Also, only eating when you are hungry is key. You must listen for your hunger cues and only eat then. You will slowly train your mind and body to eat when needed. When you only eat enough to feel full you will eventually reduce the overall amount of food your body requires overtime. This is not starving yourself. This is being mindful, listening to the body, and eating when the body tells you to.

In the beginning, as you are changing your diet I do not recommend adding in physical activity right away as you are adjusting to the new diet. There will be meal planning, food shopping, and prep work involved. It will take about 3 weeks to kick the sugar craving completely, and the first 3 days your body will be in a detox state. if you have been a heavy sugar or carb eater you may feel crabby, light-headed, weak, headaches, and nausea. If you feel this you are having withdrawal just like withdrawal from a drug, but less severe. I generally treat each patient differently but generally we don’t discuss exercise until they have shown they have got the lifestyle change down and are ready! It is dangerous to try to exercise while you are adjusting to a new diet and especially if you are detoxing. For the most part most patients resume exercise after the 3 weeks is over or in about a month. When you are detoxing, this is a good thing, your body is releasing excess sugar stores, fat cells, chemicals, and excess garbage. It’s not the best feeling while it’s happening but after 3 days you will gain a mental clarity you may have not felt before!

Drinking lots of water is important. Carrying snacks are important. Being prepared to be emotional is important. You only need to weigh yourself  once per week. I often have patients use apps or trackers in between visits with me. Body fat percentage is a better gauge of weight loss than pounds in a sense, because when you see inches loss that is real weight loss! Weight can fluctuate plus or minus 5 pounds in one day.

Now that we have all that down I will add further tips that I know work!!!

Here they are:

Eat organic food if cost is a concern choose organic meats and eggs
Eliminate sugars
Eliminate grains and white flours
Limit starchy vegetables
Use healthy oils such as olive oil and coconut oil
Cook and eat your own food
Do not use fake sweeteners even stevia
Limit coffee intake switch to tea
Drink plenty of water
Eat protein and veggies at every meal can be unlimited as long as carbs and sugars are avoided
Use olive oil and lemon as dressing
Eat fruits apples and berries but limit sweet fruits such as pineapples peaches mangoes
Substitute low sugar protein shakes for meals if needed but not as a snack
Eat 70 percent dark chocolate squares as a treat but no more than one Per day
Carbs eat sparingly oatmeal is ok but no more than twice per week

Read the labels – if an item has more than 4 grams of sugar per serving be mindful of that

Fat free is not better
Add olive oil to items
Add chia seeds
Use coconut manna in tea and eat as needed when hungry in between meals
Eat almonds
Use almond milk instead of real milk or soy
Drink green tea
Keep lots of healthy snacks and drinks around you to trick yourself into thinking you are eating all the time
One banana per day, no more than that
Use coco powder or 70 coco squares when sugar cravings kick in or eat apple or frozen blueberries with Greek yogurt
Do not add crumbles to yogurt
Avoid creamy items
Use coconut aminos to add flavor to items
Steamed is safe
Baked is safe
Bake veggies in the oven with olive oil chicken and turkey as well organic only
Fry chicken and turkey bacon and sausage at home
Boil eggs
Fry eggs in olive or coconut oil
Eat avocado unlimited amount
Sweet potatoes, peas, corn, and carrots on occasion
Beans on occasion
Try to avoid gluten
Eat fish all fish
Bake and roast all types of veggies in oven
Use crock pot to make protein and veggie meals

Avoid sodas sugary drinks
Be mindful of specialty coffee drinks mixed with steamed milk if you must drink no sugar

Work out 40 4 times a week every other day

30 min 5 day

One hour 3 days bare minimum
Or 10, 000 steps per day, invest in pedometer or jawbone

Cardio will help with overall weight loss and shed fat
Muscle toning will help with insulin resistance

Take vitamin d and iron supplements
Take probiotics
Vit c and zinc

Weigh at least one a week

Aim for a pound per week however in the begging and depending how much you have to lose much more will come off than that from detoxing

Always be safe when starting any new lifestyle change. These tips should be performed under the guidance of a healthcare provider. If you are feeling overly weak, dizzy, lightheaded, or faint please call 911 and

Those are my tips for today!!! Trust my tips and you will see success! @carmFNP

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