How Forming a Wellness Vision Creates Behavior Change

How do you accomplish a wellness goal when you are unsure of how to change the behavior pattern?  Without creating a wellness “blueprint” or vision for success, it is difficult to carry out the steps to get to that place. However, when we have a clear vision, the actions steps to get to those goals become much easier execute.

So how do we form that vision? It is up to you to create your vision as everyone’s differ depending on what goals they are trying to accomplish. However, the formula to create the vision is going to be the same. You just need to answer a few basic questions and the blueprint forms itself.

When creating your wellness vision, ask yourself what are 3 areas would I like to improve in my life ?

Close your eyes and imagine what it would look and feel like if you had already accomplished these things.

Some examples of a wellness vision may be :
In the next 3 months, I would like to look better in my clothes and be a more desirable weight, 140 pounds. I would like to play with my children without tiring. I would like to reduce my cholesterol and diabetes numbers.

Whatever the vision may be, make sure you form it into a sentence, because this is the sentence you will keep referring back to often while working to achieve your goals.

Now list all your motivators.

What are the things that really move you to make the change?

Some examples are:

  • Your family
  • Your self image
  • Increasing confidence
  • An event
  • A feeling you would like to gain or improve

Next, list your obstacles.

What are the things getting in your way ?

Some common examples are :

  • Work life balance
  • Time management
  • Lack of support
  • Lack of knowledge
  • Low motivation

Now look at the things you are really good at.

  • Is it easy for you to listen and give advice to others?
  • Do you support others visions?
  • Are you a leader?
  • Do you have a natural hobby or talent that you were born with or something that has always interested you ?
  • Are you a great planner for your family and children’s activities?

Are you a great multi-tasker?

Use these strengths to overcome your obstacles.

Set a one week goal for yourself and start with something simple, like:

I will go to the grocery store today and look for healthy items to cook so I can bring my lunch to work at least 3 times this week.

Once you have achieved this goal look within and see how this made you feel?
Did you feel better ? How did your body feel? How about your energy level ? Did you feel a sense of accomplishment?

As weeks progress see if you can increase this same goal by frequency or duration.

Then move on to the next goal.

By making making small goals realistic and doable they can be achieved more easily.
This makes it easier to maintain the current goal and move onto the next one.

The goal is to find a happy medium so that our diet, physical activity, stress, sleep, and happiness are all balanced.

If you feel you had hit a roadblock go back to your vision, look at your motivators, obstacles, strengths , and see if there is something you can re adjust.

Accept roadblocks, challenges, and disruptions that come along. Remember your vision and regroup.
Listen to you body and feel your emotions.
If you need to rest and regroup do this.
Your body will let you know what it needs and when.

In the end, your wellness vision creates your blueprint for success and will guide you to where you need to go.
Always look to this vision for guidance and you will be amazed how your mind and body will work out the rest for you!

Have a great week everyone 🙂